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Service is provided at the customer's office or home. This usually costs a little more than the customer
bringing the equipment to our service center, but it adds the convenience of the customer being able to see what's being done and being able to ask more in-depth questions. The visiting support specialist not only saves the customer the trouble of having the defective equipment delivered to our service center, but the engineer will also become familiar with the customer's environment and can initiate the proper documentation to gather information about the customer's current setup as well as future needs.

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Depot Service
Service is provided on a walk-in basis where the customer brings in his/her problem equipment during business hours and picks it up within 24-48 hours (unless parts need to be ordered). It's convenient, fast and inexpensive (flat rates for many type of repairs)

-PCs & Macs

-All makes & models

-Spyware & Virus Removal


-No Appointments Necessary

-24-48 hour Turnaround


1373 Lincoln Avenue

Holbrook, NY 11741

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Preventative maintenance describes the more mundane but necessary tasks of checking for hardware
abnormalities, such as with memory, hard disks, etc. that, if caught early and addressed, can sometimes prevent system failure and data loss. Certain other tweaks and patches may be applied to improve speed, decrease the frequency of crashes and to fix bugs. Preventative maintenance is usually done at a lower rate unless new installations or upgrades are implemented.
We offer many kinds of service contracts which include anything from just preventative maintenance to complete service that covers computers and printers. We offer various pricing plans, different types of support options, such as phone, e-mail and remote location support - many full service contracts for under $100 per month!
Prompt technical support is provided over the phone, free or at a discounted rate as applicable.
Technical support, drivers, patches, etc. are passed on via e-mail in reply to requests made by e-mail.
Our normal response time
is within 4 hours with
emergency response times
of under 2 hours
Our engineers are certified
and experienced. We’re
authorized resellers for most
major hardware & software
Our analysis of your system’s
efficiency, usage and security
can save you time, money
& DATA. We provide product
updates, news and advice.
Our rates are very reasonable
& well worth the profession-
alism, ability & customer care
that stand behind them.


Comtech girl

Removal of viruses, spyware, adware and popups.
Repairs and/or sales of PCs & Printers (whichever is feasible for clients)


Provision, installation and administration from the simplest to the most advanced network technologies (including wirelessand Voice-Over-IP), such as administration, backups, firewalls and other security solutions.
Free phone support.
Flexible, no-jargon contracts avilable for less than your phone or cable bill!
  Local Area Networks, to share data for convenience and share resources (printers, storage, internet connections) have long been accepted by business owners as a fundamental step to boosting productivity while keeping costs down. Additionally, networks can add the benefit of centralized backup of data and antivirus protection.  
  Wireless devices not only add mobility, but can also remove the cost and time of running cables for new users or resources on the network. Be wary though, when data signals go into the open air, security of the information (encryption) is paramount!  
  Virtual Private Networks, are extensions of a local network that allow for secure remote access to shared resources for users from the road or from home by making a secure “tunnel” through the internet, thus making the network accessible from anywhere a user has internet access. It offers resource sharing across multiple branches as well as cutting costs of commuting and often eliminating the need for an office..!  
    Typical, simple network with Internet sharing     Extremely simplified firewall, anti-virus setup  
Firewalls, devices which block specific network traffic from coming in or going out of the local network, made center stage with the onset of “hacker attacks” a few years ago that almost crippled the internet. Along with accessing your sensitive data, hackers can also use your server for anything from storage to making them “pawns” in launching mass e-mails and/or attacks on other servers.
Protection from viruses has become a necessity over the last few years because there’s a new virus or strain of an older one appearing nearly every day. They can cause anything from data loss, crashes and poor performance to having your computer unwittingly send infected e-mails to all your friends without your knowledge. Viruses are becoming a bigger problem since you can now get many of them by just clicking on an e-mail or a hyperlink, not just downloading and opening files. Central protection adds the benefit of protecting your server as well as administering virus protection for all computers on the network from a central location.
Data backups, always indispensable due to the possibility of hardware failure or accidental deletion of files, have  gained more importance recently due to the possible damage from hackers and viruses. Removable storage backups (tapes, CDs, etc.)  kept  off -site are also crucial in case disaster strikes your workplace. Of all your losses in such a case, your data is the only one that can't  be replaced unless you have a backup! In fact, 30% of all firms that have a major catastrophe w/o backups  go out of business in a year while the other 70% fail within 5 years.
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