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  The company has survived through trying times and maintained its competitive edge throughout the years not only due to the excellent staff, but also due to the foresight and experience of the directors and planners in adapting the company to the changing needs of our customers during changing times. Chairman Mack A. Sydney has served as CEO and board member for several import/export companies since 1967, while President Mick Maqbool (CNA, CNE, MCSE), has been in the IT field handling software, hardware and networking projects since 1987 and not only continues to be a field service engineer, but also is the Chief Technical Director of the entire IT staff.

  Greetings from COMTECH International, inc. Please use this site to acquaint or reacquaint yourself with the various types of services we provide. Even if you’ve used COMTECH in the past or if you’re simply not happy with your current CSP (Computer Service Provider), please give us a chance to fulfill your needs for reliable, cost-effective IT solutions from simple hardware maintenance and repair to more complex projects, such as network installation, tweaking and administration, VPNs for secure remote access, internet connectivity and/or sharing, wireless networks and security solutions, such as firewalls and anti-virus.

Please look through our site to see what items and services we offer and even if you have an internal IT group, don’t overlook us to fill the simple need for more hands during mass upgrades or rollouts. Also, if you need specific hardware expertise that you don’t have in-house, such as with Cisco networking products or Hewlett Packard laser printers, be sure to make us your first call. Even if you’ve used COMTECH in the past, you may not be aware of certain programs that have been recently put in place and/or modified to help our customers (and, therefore, ourselves as well) to remain productive throughout these tough economic times. Please look at the section of our store to see which one may be right for you.

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Our normal response time
is within 4 hours with
emergency response times
of under 2 hours
Our engineers are certified
and experienced. We’re
authorized resellers for most
major hardware & software
Our analysis of your system’s
efficiency, usage and security
can save you time, money
& DATA. We provide product
updates, news and advice.
Our rates are very reasonable
& well worth the profession-
alism, ability & customer care
that stand behind them.
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